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2007 Piscids? - Radio results

While looking at the 2007 Lyrid results, I noted that several European observers showed some evidence of increased activity between 12:00 and 17:00 UT on at least one of the days. The activity was modest, but, on occasions, exceeded one standard deviation above the monthly average count for that hour. 

The Lyrids are unlikely to be responsible for this as the Lyrid radiant is either low, or below the horizon, at the time. Having discounted the Pi-Puppids, as having to great a negative declination to be readily seen, even for our more southerly radio observers, the most likely source seem to be the Piscid and delta-Piscid daytime streams.

Enric Fraile Algeciras (Spain)

David Entwistle (England)

Dave Swan (England)

2006 Piscids - Radio results

No Piscid activity was seen in the meteor forward scatter results for April 2006.