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Eye witness Fireball reports from 16th July 2005

Koen Miskotte, via Meteorobs

From Belgium Bruno Nolf saw a big fireball on 16 july at 20:19 UT. It moved from a height of 20 degrees in a west-southwest direction to a height of aprox. 5 degrees. Magnitude estimated at -8 (!). During a short time a "smoke trail" was visible. No sounds heared. Observation done from Otegem, Belgium.

Neil Bone, Director, BAA Meteor Section, via Meteorobs

BAA Head Office has passed on a report from Guernsey, where this object at 2017 UT was seen, apparently heading in a north easterly direction. Described as bright, like burning magnesium, fragmenting into 2-3 pieces before extinction 1-2 seconds after first sighting. There may be other reports to come, given widespread clear skies in southern UK? 

Steve Beats, via uk.sci.astronomy

I saw this one too! Exactly the same time but I thought it was South, perhaps SSW from Buckinghamshire, England. Streak only lasted a couple of seconds but it was a very bright fireball, extremely white, almost to the point of a bluish tint. It broke into 3 or 4 pieces (with separate trails) just before disappearing about 10 deg above south horizon. I didn't see a smoke trail, but this was "eyes only". No noise either... 

Yep - it was almost full daylight and the sun was just setting as you say...