This page includes details of the forward-scatter meteor system that I operate.

Observer: David Entwistle
Latitude: 53d 49m 20.5s N 
Longitude 002d 40m 24.7s W
Country: England
City: Goosnargh, near Preston

Antenna: Jaybeam 3-element Yagi
Az 180 degrees ETN
Alt 10 degrees up
Polarization horizontal

RF PreAmp none
Receiver Icom PCR1000
Receive frequency: 55.249855 MHz
Receive mode: USB
Computer 33MHz 486 Zenith laptop
MeteorV8.0 for DOS.

Primary target transmitter Lousã RTP1 TV vision carrier
Latitude: 40d 25m 00.0s N 
Longitude 008d 11m 00.0s W
Frequency 55.2501887 MHz
Polarization Horizontal

Baseline 1545.63km
834.57 nautical miles
Bearing 197.7º 
Secondary target transmitter Liège Bol d'Air RTBF1 TV vision carrier
Latitude: 50d 35m 00.0s N 
Longitude 005d 33m 00.0s E
Frequency 55.2501386 MHz
Polarization Horizontal

Baseline 665.1 km
413.3 nautical miles
Bearing 119º


Other carriers, from unknown sources, seen on 55.2501245 MHz and 55.2502386MHz.
Map showing my location and the approximate areas, which are potentially observed using two target transmitters. These observation areas will be modified by my directional receive aerial - a three element Yagi facing due south.